The History of the Centre… 2

Wow, what a wonderful trip down memory lane its been this week! We’ve seen some old faces both in person and through pictures and its been a pleasure to reminisce which those who have connections with Anne and the centre. Some have been kind enough to donate a few of their memories to our display.

We’ve gathered photos and old news paper articles to create a guide through the years and it was so lovely to hear Anne say ”I just didn’t realise how much we’d done”

Anne really is an inspiration to myself and to those who’ve had the privilege to have met her, she is a truly selfless lady who has given so much to others and to many different charities.

The Wall of Fame is dedicated to all her achievements and will become a fantastic talking point at the centre for years to come…..

We are very much looking forward to the summer as we’re busy planning a reunion party, it’ll be an opportunity to meet with some old friends and there’s even a chance to watch back some of the pantomimes which will be projected onto the big screen!

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