We are reopening!

It is with great joy that the centre can finally announce its gradual reopening! Slowly does it though as we appreciate that people are understandably nervous, we want to reassure everyone that the centre has read the government’s guidelines on our sectors reopening and we are following the stringent measures now put in place.

Each instructor will clean before and after their sessions and the manager will visit regularly to clean throughout the week. There are health and safety signs visible as well as a one way system in the centre which is designed to limit “pinch points” or congestion. There are visitor rules easily available for people to read before a class and are available upon request. Hand sanitisers, paper towels are wet wipes are placed throughout the building.

The room has been measured so that theres a 1 metre space in between each person, this allows for 18 guests and the instructor. Each visitor will have their own chair to place their belongings on and they will be asked to wipe it down with the wet wipes provided, both before and after their class.

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