Dento Karate: Monday 16.00-17.15

Dento Karate is a well established family run club and Nicola is the sensei at the centre. This class is for children 4 and above and is great for building self-esteem and inner self confidence. With opportunities to work up the belts, it can give your child a real sense of personal achievement and inspire … Continue reading Dento Karate: Monday 16.00-17.15

Bottle Top Mural Community Project

We are busy collecting bottle tops of all shapes and sizes in preparation for the next big community project. Collaborating with Friends of Romiley Station and the newly established voluntary group Plastic Free Romiley, the centre will be hosting a free creative session where we’re hoping the whole community will get involved. The theme is … Continue reading Bottle Top Mural Community Project

Gong Bath: Wednesdays: Dates below 20.15-21.15

A Gong Bath or Gong Spa can be an entirely unique, physical experience of sound and vibration in the whole body. A incomparable personal journey that is beyond words or description. It is an invitation to open up and remember who you are, here and now and is an opportunity to just be.  Martyn is … Continue reading Gong Bath: Wednesdays: Dates below 20.15-21.15